Integrity 3 is comprised of three experienced heating and air conditioning technicians who have one common goal: To provide quality service and trustworthy recommendations for our clients in a timely manner. Our 35 years of combined experience and knowledge allow us to address your home, corporate or industrial heating and air conditioning needs with expertise.


Nolan Harkness serves the Tri-Cities area based on his more than 20 years in a variety of service roles. A graduate of Perry Technical Institute, his reputation for skilled work and efficiency in the HVAC field is recognized and trusted in the mid-Columbia area.


Craig Huff is a a graduate of Perry Technical Institute, and with that he brings knowledge of commercial installations and expertise of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) to both large and small projects. Throughout southeast Washington, Craig serves residential, commercial and industrial sites to the satisfaction of his clients.


Caleb Morris works on residential and commercial HVAC equipment in the Tri-Cities community with prior experience in areas of Oregon. A graduate of Chemketa Community College with HVAC training at Linn Benton Community College, Caleb serves clients competently regardless of adverse conditions.